Pain Teens (Redux)

Sacrificial Shack / Sweetheart 7″
C/Z Records, 1991

My last posting hit the spot, so here’s another single from the notorious Pain Teens. Perhaps we’ll make this Pain Teens week to help meet my self-imposed minimum quota of 4 postings a month. I’ve got lots of their stuff to devastate you with, such as this dizzying 45. “Sacrificial Shack” once again finds the Pain Teens knee deep in the horrors of humanity with a nauseating, yet somehow seductively swirling track that paralleled the early ’90s fascination with serial killers and mayhem. It was released the same year The Silence of the Lambs hit theaters after all. The flipside is a fantastic cover of a Zeni Geva song, funneling the Japanese band’s oppressively pounding primal riffs through buzzing, woozy layers of noisy muck.


Pain Teens – “Sacrificial Shack”
Pain Teens – “Sweetheart”

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    Nice! This one I don’t have, so many thanks for posting it. Interested in hearing their take on a Zeni Geva song.

  2. psychedelic shack Says:

    […] taken with the psychedelic berries storyline, as I thought it distracted from the joke that poor …Noise for Zeros Blog Archive Pain Teens (Redux)… to devastate you with, such as this dizzying 45. Sacrificial Shack once again finds the Pain […]

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