Gag Box / Unwind 7″
Spangled Records, 1992

The last posting got me thinking about another great math rock band from Chicago. And even though they’ve got one of the most boring band names you’re ever gonna hear, Table put out one of the best singles of the early ’90s. It’s got all the elements of your average math rock band: muttering detached vocals, fragmented shards of clanging guitar, and a propulsive rhythm section that’s all business. But Table takes these basic elements and goes a step further than most by giving their songs sustained tension and texture instead of the standard tension/release, loud/soft manipulations found with lesser bands. In particular, their thick, gnarled bass sound really sets them apart, almost approaching funk bass territory while still firmly planted within the rigid metronome of math rock. So even though their name has never been tossed around as much as Shellac, Tar, or 90 Day Men, everything Table put out was on par with those other Chicago legends.


Table – “Gag Box”
Table – “Unwind”

Unofficial Table page on MySpace

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  1. Steve Says:

    I just came a across a box with the 45 single in it–unwind and gag box. #267 of 1000. I remember seeing them at the Metro. They friggin rocked unwind. They had a live show on WNUR including both of these, must’ve been 92, again rocked. I used to have a cassette tape of it.

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