White Wires

I saw this Canadian trio a few weeks ago and thought they were okay, but at the time I was more smitten with Statues, my other new favorite band from Ontario. It took a little research and a thorough background check before I could totally get on board with White Wires because my suds-soaked noggin dismissed them as being too conventional for ears. Fortunately I’ve come to appreciate their laid back, stripped-down, fuzzy garage pop, which falls somewhere between the axis of The Velvet Underground, Testors, and Chuck Berry.  With small nods to classic R&B and an unbridled enthusiasm for what they do — and the good sense to cover The Wipers’ “Messenger” — they’ve completely won me over. Be sure to check ’em out at Goner Fest if you’re lucky enough to be in Memphis later this month…


The White Wires on MySpace
The White Wires “Girly Girly Girly” video
The White Wires “Messenger” (The Wipers) video

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