Breathe The Thing Out 7″
Sympathy for the Record Industry, 1992

Slug was a band that was always pushing the envelope, and therefore was always a couple steps ahead of a huge fanbase. They did manage to get some critical acclaim and a string of records released over their 6-year existence, but those releases, populating used record store bins nationwide, seem to be the only trace remaining of one of the more interesting noise rock groups of the last decade. And to categorize them as noise rock isn’t entirely accurate, since their core sound mutated in so many different directions, so much so that their later records contained long stretches of soothing dub, eerie scratchy tape loops and other sonic experiments far removed from the typical noise rock arsenal. Part of their novelty was the use of 2 bass guitars and loads of unconventional (read: experiemental) instrumentation, including tape loops and multiple drummers. All these elements cook up a sonic stew that sounds something like Crash Worship crashing an Unsane show, or more accurately, like a brutal extension of an earlier forward-thinking L.A. troupe, Savage Republic. One of my favorite Slug releases is this 3-song 45, which captures their early straightforward rock sound, with a loud, dense stomper “Breathe The Thing Out” and the rumbling krautrock trance of “Go Tell” and “Break Neck”.


Slug – “Breathe The Thing Out”
Slug – “Go Tell”
Slug – “Break Neck”

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6 Responses to “Slug”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Such a great band. The Out Sound is a bizarre but pretty good listen.

    The “Hambone City” 7″ they put out is pretty good too, I actually prefer the version of “King of Ghosts” that appears on the flipside of that single as opposed to the one that showed up on Out Sound. Sounds better sped up I guess.

    Anyway, nice to see someone else that enjoys what these guys did.

  2. admin Says:

    Oh yeah, I dig the “Hambone City” 7″ on SFTRI as well. Have you heard the split with Unsane, where they cover Unsane’s “Streetsweeper” and Unsane covers “Breathe The Thing Out”? It’s another floor-rattling classic. I might have to do another posting with that and their debut 7″…

  3. gstar Says:

    I have copies of “Breathe The Thing Out / Go Tell / Break Neck”, “Hambone City / King of Ghosts”, and the Unsane/Slug split 7″. I’m doing a little trimming of my record collection, so if anyone wants these email me at Awesome band, but I’m trying to sell ALL my 7″ records since I just don’t listen to them anymore…

  4. Ben Barnett Says:

    Good call.

  5. Tomas Says:

    Hi Noise for Zeros – Its Tomas, one-time drummer of Slug. Thank you for posting information and commentary about these singles, and you can find more info at our official pages:, and

    In addition, we’re working on an archival reissue of the vinyl-only singles, and other never-before heard material.

  6. Doug Says:

    Fantastic — can’t wait to hear more!

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