Jack O Nuts

Raw Candle Vote / Antonin Artaud 7″
Radial Records, 1993

A number of factors may explain why this Athens postpunk outfit never got the respect they deserve. It was easy to confuse them with Jaks, another excellent band in the mid-nineties that mined similarly angular, bass-driven noise rock alΓ‘ The Jesus Lizard. Their name could also be confused with Tim Kerr’s (Big Boys, Poison 13, Monkeywrench, Lord High Fixers, etc) mid-90s project Jack O’ Fire. Or perhaps all the accurate but dismissive fanzine reviews describing them as a Jesus Lizard with a female singer didn’t appeal to the unwashed, male-centric indie masses who were still dealing with the Riot Grrl backlash. Whatever the reason, it’s a damn pity because they definitely had a unique take on the tense, mangled-but-regimented sound that cropped up in the 1990s underground. The good news is that their two LPs are relatively easy to find, so if you dig this great single β€” which includes a solid Bauhaus cover β€” you can easily score some more Jack O Nuts.


Jack O Nuts – “Raw Candle Vote”
Jack O Nuts – “Antonin Artaud” (Bauhaus)


Jack O Nuts on Built on A Weak Spot
Jack O Nuts on Beyond Failure

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2 Responses to “Jack O Nuts”

  1. - Habit Says:

    Grrreat stuff, man; Jack O’Nuts were a criminally overlooked band and their work deserved to be heard by more folks than what it has.
    Thanks for the upload of this 7”, and if you have more of their tunes, by all means, please share ’em!

    And thanks again for sharing this, you put a smile ‘cross me gob.

  2. liam weikart Says:

    Good to see this. Yeah they were amazing live. I have most on vinyl, packed away, so if you can upload nay more, grateful πŸ™‚ thx, Liam

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