Madhouse EP, 1985
Fountain of Youth Records

Picked up this gem solely based on the label and was pleasantly surprised to find a Siouxsie & The Banshees-influenced take on early Revolution Summer-style DC postpunk. While the cover art looks totally aggro and the Fountain of Youth label was best known for releasing a slew of Government Issue records, this anomaly takes a chilly, almost gothic path into female-male harmonizing, sounding like X if they were from suburban DC instead of LA. Lead singer Monica Richards was a staple of the early DC hardcore scene as a member of Hate from Ignorance and was part of the first wave of HC kids disenfranchised by the codification of hardcore, spurring the Revolution Summer of 1985. Madhouse could be considered part of this Revolution, ushering in the bouncing, melodic mid-tempo sound popularized by groups like Soulside, Ignition, Rites of Spring and Embrace. Check out this solid EP (and their sole 7″) they released before fading into obscurity.


Madhouse – Madhouse EP (31.5mb ZIP file)


Madhouse’s Mecca 7″ on Discogs

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  1. D. Says:

    Hey, thanks for this Madhouse EP. Could you be so kind and re-upload SP or send me a download link? Maybe I could return the favor somehow? Regards, D.

  2. Doug Says:

    Hmmm, looks like the link’s gone bad and I can’t find the MP3 files anywhere. I’ve updated the link above to the Discogs page for the single which helpfully has a YouTube link now.

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