Phleg Camp

Bully My Pushy double 7″
Allied Records, 1991

Twilight Pink / Hog Bottom 7″
Allied Records, 1992

Spent some time in Toronto recently, and that got me thinking about this classic, often overlooked T-dot postpunk group. Inspired by the dubby, danceable punk of the late ’80s DC scene, Phleg Camp’s early releases felt like a gruff version of Soulside — a sort of mutated funk rife with impassioned vocals and guitar supported by a bouncy rhythm section. Their first release and the Bully My Pushy double 7″ really highlighted this sound, but by their first and final album, Ya’red Fair Scratch on the Cargo label in 1993, their tone became much less dancey and more in line with the angular, tension-filled of the day, like The Jesus Lizard, Circus Lupus, and Jack O Nuts. It’s a fantastic album, so be sure to give it a spin HERE. The Twilight Pink 7″ is interesting as it has a transitional sound, as the guitar sound became more textural and the basslines more serpetine, but not quite to the degree of the downbeat Ya’red Fair Scratch. Check it out. And as an extra bonus, I’ve also got a rare track from a 7″ flexi compilation a buddy of mine put out.


Phleg Camp – “Bully My Pushy” double 7″ (21.3 MB zip)

Phleg Camp – “Twilight Pink”
Phleg Camp – “Hog Bottom”

Phleg Camp – “On The Map”
from the It’s All About… 4 Bands I Like compilation flexi 7″, Familyman Records, 1992


Phleg Camp’s Ya’red Fair Scratch on the Rocket Science blog
Phleg Camp on YouTube

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2 Responses to “Phleg Camp”

  1. John Says:

    Thanks a TON. I’ve been looking for “On the Map” forever. I had the flexi, but that’s long since gone.
    I saw PC right when Scratch was released and I was…disappointed. I wanted to hear the older groovy songs, but they said they wouldn’t play those. 🙁
    Thanks again.

  2. MG Says:

    One of their best songs is the REM cover of Feeling Gravity’s Pull on Surprise your pig. There was also a green covered demo tape out in the early days that I have in storage somewhere that should be digtized someday. Theres also a split 7″ with Fuel on Allied

    One of my all time favorite bands

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