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Frigg A-Go-Go

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Everything Around Me / Pre-Teen Love 7″
360 Twist!, 1997

There’s never been a shortage of 1960s-style garage punk — pick any subsequent decade and you’re likely to find at the very least a few dozen bands firing off some raw ’60s guitar stompers — but finding a band doing this style with that extra but of spunk and spirit to stand out from the crowd is a rare thing. This mid-90s smoker from the long gone 360 Twist! label is one of those rare finds, perfectly capturing some of the finest recorded moments of this classic Lafayette, Louisiana band. While the rest of the Friggs’ catalog is pretty good, if not standard fare, this little gem really delivers the goods with an electrified charge and snarling attitude, balanced by some well-placed electric piano (the finest I’ve heard since The Misfits “Cough/Cool”) and sharp-n-snappy punk guitar. “Everything Around Me” is the ultimate fuck-it-all song, with spitefully fun snotty vocals that come off like the fratboy cousin of the Dead Boys’ Stiv Bators fronting a hopped-up version of the Sonics. Neither track breaks the 2-minute mark, making this 45 short, sweet, and snappy. It’s perfect.

Frigg A-Go-Go – “Everything Around Me”
Frigg A-Go-Go – “Pre-Teen Love”

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